Best Yarn for Amigurumi

It’s hard to get an answer when you look up what the best yarn for amigurumi.

When I’ve done this search I find all kinds of different suggestions of yarn from wool to polyester to acrylic (the three main types).

Best Yarn for Amigurumi Plushies

Soft and cozy amigurumi plushes go best with the polyester yarn in my opinion.

They are so cozy and the kids love them.

You’re looking for the soft, snuggly yarn. The kind the kids or anyone would love to cuddle.

For my first couple of amigurumi octopus I used Micheal’s, Loops & Threads Sweet Snuggles:

I turned that yarn into these guys:

This is 100% polyester yarn, Jumbo, Weight 7 (7). One skein of yarn made these two big guys.

The yarn I used is from Micheal’s, Loops & Threads Chenille Home Slim Solid Yarn

This yarn is Super Bulky (6) and 100% polyester.

I made this guy from this yarn:

Best Yarn for Amigurumi Non-Fluffy

The soft, fluffy look is definitely the most popular look for amigurumi but sometimes you might want a different look.

The first yarn I used was an acrylic yarn. I got it from Micheals and it was Patons Astra (light (3)). This makes a small amigurumi with easy to see stiches. I think the stiches on this little guy below are actually inside out (Hey I’m learning as I go here!).

I really had no idea starting out what was the best so I just picked one. It created a result like the one you find on my first post called “Best way to learn crochet.” Here is a little axolotl crochet army I made out of this yarn:

Yarn Choice for Amigurumi is a personal preference

I’ve found in my search for a recommended best yarn for amigurumi that it comes down to personal preference.

Are you looking for a yarn that is easy to work with?
Do you want one that is soft and fluffy?
Are you interested in one that shows off the stitch pattern?

Think about what you want first and then look for patterns and examples that look like what you want.

Best of luck to you as you create your fun amigurumi creations!


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